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We offer a complete and integrated range of transport and logistic services

Intermodal Transport Services

Respect for the environment has always been a focal point for Stante Logistics, since its foundation. This is the reason why, in the last 10 years, we have been strengthening the use of Multimodality (road/rail and road/short sea) in the Company.

This choice derives not only from an increased sensitivity towards issues such as sustainable development, but also from our determination to offer state of the art solutions that are in line with market requirements.

New Intermodal Road/Rail.
Service from Marcianise (CE) to Poland and Eastern European Countries

March 2014: a new intermodal Road/Rail transport service is now available. This is the first dedicated service between the South of Italy and Poland, two markets that are becoming more and more important in the goods exchange field.

Our new exclusive service linking directly the South of Italy – Marcianise Terminal – with Poland - Slawkow Terminal - is opening a new strategic network towards all Eastern European Countries: Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, as well as Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan.

This new Door/Door service ensures weekly departures, in both directions, with a 500-metre-long shuttle train, exclusively dedicated to Stante logistics. In fact, departures will shortly increase in frequency: to twice-three times a week.

This new service ensures important advantages in terms of efficiency and environmental sustainability:

  • cost reduction;
  • improved security by satellite monitoring;
  • substantial abatement of CO2 emissions.